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Kristy Wood has worked with groups of children and young people in a variety of contexts. Here are a selection of the programs she has developed with and for them over the years. 

School Community Engagement Events

These events bring together students, staff and the broader community to instigate initiatives that enhance the school climate. Kristy has successfully lead many whole school events to this effect.

Kids Playing Tug of War

School Wellbeing Initiatives

School Wellbeing Initiatives can take a variety of formats but include whole school involvement in wellbeing activities that are practical and lasting both at school and for general life application. Parents are involved where possible.

Kid Painting

Support for Children with Additional Needs

It takes a community to support all children in our care. Kristy Wood is adept at supporting both Children with Additional Needs and all children to understand and support with inclusivity and respect to create classrooms and learning environments that hold all children equal.

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